What We Deliver

The digital magazines we create are the centrepiece of a comprehensive attraction, engagement and conversion strategy.

Because of their digital nature, our magazines can give you a wealth of information and possibility when it comes to attracting prospective customers and turning them into brand advocates and repeat buyers.

We supply a wide range of promotional assets to catch your customer’s eye, and get them engaged with your content, by promoting both the magazine as a whole, and also linking them direct to specific features. This gives you more opportunities to grab their attention via email, social media and other channels.

We ensure that the articles lead neatly into your adverts. Essentially we start with your adverts, then create the content that leads seamlessly to a purchase, but which still adds a lot of value to the customer. Our feature -> advert combo essentially turns each section of the magazine into its own landing page – but without the advertising flavour that many customers find unattractive.

We provide a wide range of systems to allow your customers to interact with the magazine – linking it to your product order pages, email signups, subscription systems, social media channels, information and interaction systems – all designed to allow your customers to choose the course of action that is right for them and to build your brand and audience.

Want to find out more? We’re ready to help you.

To get an understanding of how we can help you, simply drop us an email at hello@funnelrepublic.com, and we will arrange a call with you to discover what your magazine looks like!

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