Trader’s Preflight Checklist

A digital mini-magazine to provide useful content to financial market traders and attract customers to a training webinar.

Not all magazines have to be large multi-feature efforts. To create this short single feature guide, we worked with experienced traders on the client’s trading floors in London and Syndey to extract their best trading practices, and then condensed them into a guide that informs the reader, and also allows them to join a training webinar run by the company to learn more, and possibly take advantage of professional training offers .

Our services included …

  • Magazine concept and strategy: working with the client to come up with the name and brand
  • Content collection and article copywriting: we worked with subject matter experts to covert their knowledge into an easily consumable format
  • Layout and design: we added imagery where required and turned it into a publication
  • Advert design: we designed the promotion call to action in the magazine
  • Publishing: we published the magazine digitally and supply the links to all parties
  • Promotion assets: we created visual and text assets to help spread the word.

The average reading time for this magazine is over 13 minutes – far higher than most entire webites, and it has proved very popular with their propective customers.

We can create something similar for you.

To get an understanding of how we can help you, simply drop us an email at, and we will arrange a call with you to discover what your magazine looks like!

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