We create digital magazines and brochures that boost your brand and sales.

At MagazineRepublic, we create attractive content-rich online publications that engage your customers, and get them to respond to your adverts.

4 reasons to have a digital magazine for your business:

1. People hate being sold to, but they love to learn and buy.

By leading with useful content rather than just advertising, people respond more. Branded content is 22x more engaging than display ads.

2. A digital magazine format is easier and more natural to read than a standard web page

The average reader session for a digital magazine is just under 55 minutes – the average visitor session to a website is 2 minutes 17 seconds.

3. By providing people with useful content, you position your brand as a trusted expert that people will remember, go to first when they buy, and recommend to others.

According to a Nielsen report, branded content resulted in 86% brand recall. And a study by Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute shows that not only do people who feel a connection to a brand spend twice as much money as those who don’t, 81% of those people then promote their favorite brands to family and friends.

4. Digital magazines score much higher over printed equivalents for their richness, portability and low cost.

Printed materials have to be shipped, and then carried around by the customer. They also have a significant per unit cost. With a digital magazine, you can instantly put your content and brand in front of people across the globe via laptops, tablets and phones, and you can also add video and audio as well as images and text. And for the customer, they are just a click away from buying from you.

4 things a digital magazine will help your business do:

1. Increase direct sales

By using well-presented educational content to tell your customers about the benefits of your product or service, and telling them why they should choose you, you can remove objections and increase appetite to buy

2. Increase your reach

Digital magazines are an excellent way of increasing your email lists (subscribe to our magazine sounds much more attractive that subscribe to our newsletter!) and also subscriptions to your social media channels. Plus which, our magazines can be search engine optimised (SEO) so that they actually show up on Google search results, giving you an increased organic reach.

3. Increase cross-selling and affiliate sales

If you have relationships with non-competing companies who have a similar type of customer to you, you can advertise their products for a commission – thus boosting your bottom line with passive income that requires no effort from you to fulfil.

4. Get more information and feedback from your customer base

With the ability to run surveys, polls and quizzes, you can quickly get vital information about your customers needs and wants, thus allowing you to create better products and sell them easier.

5. Increase your visibility and authority

With a digital publication, people can discover and share your content at the speed of light. As a magazine, you can also issue awards, and reinforce your image as a major player in your niche.

We can make all of that happen for you in a fast, cost effective way.

We’ll do all of the following:

  • Magazine concept & design: This includes title ideas and brand creation.
  • Copywriting: We can either use your existing content if you have any, or we can create features that will appeal to your audience inhouse.
  • Layout & Imagery: We’ll then layout the content in a smart and readable style and use either imagery you supply, or we will source copyright-free imagery that fits.
  • Publishing: We’ll then create the magazine for you and supply you with either something you can host yourself – or we’ll host it on our systems for you at no extra cost (which is often a lot easier for many clients).
  • Promotional Assets: We’ll create emails and social media assets for both the magazine and the content within it – allowing you to engage both your existing database and attract new people to your brand.

Here’s one we made earlier …

Click on the image below to see a sample publication which we have created for a client. The average reader engagement time for this particular mini-magazine is over 13 minutes, which is over five times longer than most entire websites.

Want to find out more? We’re ready to help you.

To get an understanding of how we can help you, simply drop us an email at hello@funnelrepublic.com, and we will arrange a call with you to discover what your magazine looks like!

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