Other Worlds of SciFi

As well as providing a creative outlet for some of our team during their limited downtime, it’s also a great vehicle for testing new promotion and interaction tools for online magazines. As an example, one recently designed Facebook post boosted for just £10 brought in over 100 hundred social media likes, 300 reads and 35 email subscribers.

You can read Issue #1 here.

Our services (to ourselves) included …

  • Magazine concept and strategy: this involves coming up with the name and brand
  • Content collation and management system: we designed a content system to allow people across the globe to submit stories
  • Layout and design: we combined both submitted and internally written articles, add imagery where required and turned them into a publication
  • Advert design: we designed the promotion and subscription calls to action in the magazine – plugging it in to our Mailchimp database and tagging the subscribers accordingly
  • Publishing: we published the magazine digitally and supply the links to interested parties and influencers
  • Promotion assets: we created visual and text assets to help spread the word, and added to social media.

We can supply these same services at low cost to you.

To get an understanding of how we can help you, simply drop us an email at hello@funnelrepublic.com, and we will arrange a call with you to discover what your magazine looks like!

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